Dragonfly in the Land of Sleeping Giants book cover

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Book 4 in the Dragonfly series

In the fourth and final book of the Dragonfly series, the deadly sorcerer Finehurst threatens to bring all people in the Great Turtle Lands to their knees as his slaves. His power is immense. Only Greeta knows the danger he poses. If he succeeds, Finehurst will conquer the world.


A prophecy has been revealed. A Northlander woman must go to the Land of Sleeping Giants. But the prophecy doesn’t say how to find those giants.
Greeta knows she’s the Northlander woman in the prophecy, even though everything she believes comes from living in the Shining Star nation. She looks like a violent Northlander, but she practices the ways of the peaceful Great Turtle Lands.

Although her friends travel by Greeta’s side, they harbor secrets. Unless revealed, those secrets are likely to tear Greeta and her friends apart. Will Greeta find the Sleeping Giants? If she can discover how to wake them, will the giants help her defeat Finehurst? Or will the fate of the world fall solely on Greeta’s shoulders?

Resa Nelson is currently writing the 4-book Frayka series, expected to be published in 2017.