Mysteries & Thrillers


All of Us Were Sophie

Available in ebook and paperback formats

A murderer is closing in on Sophie. Using a secret, prototype machine, she makes exact copies of herself, believing at least one of them can escape. She does this knowing the process destroys the original, meaning her.

The Sophies come to life not knowing what has happened, because the process also destroyed their short-term memory. They separate, each one desperate to piece together the missing facts from the last few weeks of Sophie’s life before all of them are hunted down and killed.


Our Lady of the Absolute

Available in ebook, paperback, and audio book formats

In today’s world, Meres lives in a country that worships the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. Working as a temple scribe, Meres is committed to protecting her people and country from foreign countries and all their sins.

When the priests betray and murder her husband during a religious ceremony, Meres goes on the run. She delves into a web of political lies and manipulation, unaware that the priests have sent a serial killer to stop her before Meres can discover the truth.