The Dragonslayer Series

Available in ebook, paperback, and audio book formats

TheDragonslayersSword book cover

The Dragonslayer’s Sword, Book 1

When Astrid Scalding was a child, a dragon chewed her up and spit her out, leaving her body covered with scars. When she grows up and becomes a blacksmith forging swords, Astrid shapeshifts to hide her scars as well as her history.

After losing almost everything she cares about, Astrid scrambles to salvage what she can, while one of her own family members is determined to find and destroy her for reasons that harken back to her mysterious past.

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TheIronMaiden book cover

The Iron Maiden, Book 2

After Astrid’s most prized sword is stolen, she races to catch the thief only to find his dead body surrounded by the tracks of a monster. Her quest takes her to a port city where she discovers her sword has been found by a merchant and encounters a woman at risk of being killed by her own husband.

A split-second decision speeds Astrid away from the Northlands and into the Midlands, where she finds more signs of the monster but ultimately learns the meaning of a true monster and that of an iron maiden.


TheStoneofDarkness book cover

The Stone of Darkness, Book 3

After surviving a dragon bite that would have killed anyone else, Astrid believes she’s protected by a strange stone that emerged out of the sole of her foot. She travels through foreign countries in search of an alchemist who can identify the stone and its powers.

But then Astrid stumbles across the path of a powerful warlord intent of using a new faith to control others. Desperate to protect her home and people from him, she’s convinced the answer somehow lies inside the Stone of Darkness and the powers she believes it must hold.


TheDragonsEgg book cover

The Dragon’s Egg, Book 4

After making a shocking decision in order to protect her home and friends, Astrid realizes she has fallen under the control of the Stone of Light, which forces her into a new journey. Astrid knows it’s up to her to stop the warlord trying to take over the Northlands and embraces that responsibility.

At the same time, her sweetheart is given a dragon’s egg and instructed to care for it. Embarking on a dangerous trek, he knows the safety of the dragon inside the un-hatched egg will impact the fate of the world.