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Member, Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA)

Clarion Workshop Graduate

When Resa Nelson’s short story “The Dragonslayer’s Sword” was first published in Science Fiction Age magazine, it ranked 2nd in that magazine’s first Readers Top Ten poll. Around the same time, the manager of a major bookstore contacted the magazine editor asking how to buy the novel because many of his customers were asking to buy it.

No such novel existed. Only the short story existed. Readers assumed it was an excerpt from a novel.

This is when Resa realized all her readers are smarter than she is, because they knew there was more to the story. It only took her eight years to figure out what they already knew. She plans to write at least four series that take place in her Dragonslayer World:

  • Series #1 (the Dragonslayer Series) is complete.
  • Series #2 (the Dragonfly series) is complete.
  • Series #3 (the Dragon Gods series) is complete.
  • Series #4 is in progress.

Resa also writes mysteries, science fiction, and horror fiction.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to time constraints, Resa Nelson is unavailable for appearances and book signings until further notice.

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